Saved my soul for rock 'n' roll

If you're like me, you may ask yourself: how ridiculous can Jonah Goldberg and his National Review geek squad get in their quixotic attempt to make conservativism "hip"?

Here's your answer: NRO picks the 50 greatest conservative songs of all time. This is so stupid it's actually beyond my capacity to mock.


Lunchtime with dipshits

- Jonah Goldberg engages in transgender theory, with all the intellectual rigor one would expect from a professional nepotist/Star Trek nerd.

- James Lileks is menaced by teenagers at the Taco Bell, and he totally stands up to them...IN HIS MIND!

- Jennifer Roback Morse notes that too many men are sleeping in basements, and it's all the fault of women who don't understand how bad men want to have sex.


And that megaphone crooning! Now THAT was music!

Almost missed this delicious pastry treat from John Hinderaker at Butt Propulsion Labs. Hindrocket has his knicks in a twist at Stephen Colbert's insufficiently deferential performance at the White House Correspondent's dinner; seeing this so-called comedian refuse to play along and be chummy and instead deliver undulled barbs not ten feet from the worst president in history makes the impotent Powerliner long for the old days when comedians were truly funny.

I wasn't surprised by this, inasmuch as I'd never heard of Steve Colbert, and it's been a long time since I heard a political humorist who was very funny. Comedians, in general, don't seem very funny to me nowadays. For that matter, neither does politics. If you want to take a break from current events and remind yourself what it was like when comedians had no agenda other than being funny, check out this clip from the Jack Benny show.

You ever hear of making someone's case for them?

Conservative website Human Events Online details the Top Ten Most Conservative Cities in America and the Top Ten Most Liberal Cities.

While the latter includes Seattle, Madison, Portland, Boston, San Francisco, and New York, the former contains such stellar locales as: Boise, ID; Clarksville, TN; Oklahoma City; Colorado Springs; Abilene and Plano, TX; and Provo, UT.