Oh, John, let's just love each other

Someone at Butt Propulsion Laboratories never found out what "You don't want to know" means:

But it does prompt this thought: isn't it a bad thing for a political movement if its core members are, in large part, stark, raving mad? Wouldn't you expect people to notice, and react adversely? And if so, will this start to happen some time soon?

If y'all will excuse me, I'm off to submit this to the Encyclopedia of Platonic Ideals for use in their "Asking a question to which you might not like the answer" entry.


Pere Ubu said...

How nice of them to so consistently prove to us the total lack of self-awareness and introspection we always suspect them of having.

El Tiburon said...

He said without irony.

Right-wingers are truly a sub-species of the human race. I can't believe they are really so stupid.

Jemand von Niemand said...

I used to amuse myself, while watching Our Sainted War Leader address the nation, by wondering what the reaction of our fellow citizens would be if, halfway through his Little Chat With The Country, a green tentacle popped right out of his forehead.

Well, now everyone know it's true -- just not in a literal sense. However, I'm not sure that makes any difference any more.