Pity the Poor Millionaire

The Medfly: All hail our glorious corporate masters, who have ever done naught but shower us with the eternal blessings of heaven! If they have a failing, it is that they are simply too kind and decent for this wicked, wicked world.

If I was Michael Medved, I'm not sure if I would cite their manufacture of electronics that allow my columns to be widely read as one of the good things about corporations.


Kelly said...

What I like best about this is that this is a list of the articles that Townhall deemed appropriate to list in the "Similar Articles" sidebar:

Similar Articles
Dancing Cockatoo Loves a Boy-Band Beat
1,200-Lb Horse Saved From Swimming Pool
Amorous Couple Cause Five-Car Pileup
NYC Woman Finds Python in the Toilet
Woman Pleads Not Guilty in Ashes Theft

"Dancing Cockatoo Loves a Boy-Band Beat". When you achieve the august honor of having your op-ed column compared to *that*, you know your dignity is firmly established.

skyline said...

But have you seen that Dancing Cockatoo? Because it's truly brilliant.

Dan Coyle said...

For someone as concerned about Anti-Semitism as Medved is, he sure likes to grub that money.

Lex said...

Hey Mr. Pierce, I can't comment at Sadly, No anymore. I get an error message that my IP address is blacklisted due to mischievous or illegal activity! I don't know what I did, or even if I wrote to the right address. I don't know tech stuff.

If this is for finally writing a really anti-war post on my own blog, I can delete it and start defending Pamela again....

Help me Leonard Pierce, you're my only hope.....