Internet tube dump

- Lileks today has a delusional, semi-cranky and very boring spiel about the improvement vectors of downtown Minneapolis and how he has no choice but to use Netflix. He concludes by scoffing at the concept of greenspace, claiming that you could raze every downtown and replace them with trees and it would make no difference to the environment, a claim that would be well-served by some sort of evidence, but which he seems to regard as self-evident. He concludes that "climate change" is the secular equivalent of "peace be upon you" (that's "sala'am aliechem" -- act like ya know), by which he seems to mean "meaningless, possibly contradictory and at any rate affiliated with something sinister and evil."

- Speaking of sinister and evil, over at Town Hall, Rick McCullough is up in arms at someone he says is filled with "wickedness in worldview", who "contradicts nearly every tenant* of the Christian faith", "inhumane, sick and sinister", "who represents the views of Satan", who is "anti-God", who "has a long history of defying the intended morality of scripture", an advocate of "the unfruitful works of darkness" and a fulminator of an "evil worldview". No, not Hitler! Barack Obama.

- For some reason, NetFlix seems to think I would be interested in this. It's called "Hip Hop Homeroom", and it purports to teach math to kids with a funky flavor. I note that it stars the lead actress from the deeply disturbing Lazytown show, and does not seem to have any black people in it.

*: It's TENET, you assholes, seriously, enough already.

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