What's new in Fuddles?

Let's see:

- Jimbo is "mostly full of meat". He doesn't say what the other thing he's full of is, but I think we can guess.

- Jimbo gets a zinger over on Michael Moore; the filmmaker -- who have we mentioned is fat? -- wants to get rid of privatized health insurance, so Lileks says, oh yeah? How about we also get rid of completion bonds for motion pictures, smart guy? HO HO HO not so clever now are we. But you know what? I bet Moore would make that deal in a second.

- Jimbo once again (sort of) confronts the plague of rude teenagers that so harry our semi-urban areas. Lileks, who is to a tough guy what a squirt gun is to a Magnum, says that he knows he filled the young lout with anger and shame, because "I read him in a second". We can only hope that someday Jimbo does not have to read the writing on the knuckles of some hoodlum in even less time.


Jack Feerick said...

Some days the Lileks Watch just writes itself. It's a thing of beauty, yeah, but it feels like a swing at low-hanging fruit.

What I'm really looking forward too—and by "looking forward to," I mean "vaguely nauseated in contemplation of" is the right-wing blogosphere's reaction to Cindy Sheehan's announcement that she's leaving the anti-war movement. Because, you know, the great thing about the wingnuts is that they are as humble in victory as they are gracious in defeat.

ortho_bob said...

That's the blog entry of a man on the edge.

If tomorrow's starts "Today I killed a man in Best Buy for not knowing who played Joe Friday's first partner in the radio series of Dragnet" it won't be a big surprise.

Chad said...

Honestly I read and re-read Lileks' "Gotcha" toward Michael Moore and I still don't get it.