More Annti-Christ

I know that responding to her is pretty much identical to letting a three-year-old drive a car so he doesn't throw a tantrum, but she has reached some kind of a deranged apogee that makes William Jennings Bryan's the-sun-revolves-around-the-earth meltdown of 1925 look sane by comparison. Within the last 24 hours, she wrote this deranged column that goes off the charts of Nazi comparisons (it is liberals, of course, who are like Nazis), culminating with the claim that liberals would love Hitler if he hadn't turned against their beloved Stalin* AND gone on TV to claim that 9/11 widows are opportunistic gold-diggers who are happy their husbands died so they can ram their agenda down our throats**.

Oh, Ann, you're the worst American demagogue since the heyday of Father Coughlin you silly billy!

*: No resemblence between this claim and actual history, in which liberals opposed Hitler while conservatives were still desperately trying to keep us out of the war, should be implied or inferred.

**: Yes, Ann Coulter, who has spearheaded the right-wing offensive to use 9/11 as the final and untouchable justification for every item on the neo-conservative agenda, is accusing the widows of dead men of being opportunistic. THE END! OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION!

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