This is a job for...

Debbie Schlussel -- who was once in training to become Ann Coulter's understudy until everyone noticed that she wasn't pretty enough to step into the Arab-bashing hag role and it fell to the more exotic Michelle Malkin to pick up the slack -- has seen the new Superman movie. And she has used it as a springboard for her crazy, sexist anti-PC ravings. Por ejemplo:

* Lois Lane is a "slut"

* Superman is too politically correct, which inspired Debbie to craft this hilarious and incredibly skillful bit of PhotoShop humor

* Evidence of Superman's PC nature is found in the fact that Lex Luthor doesn't team up with al-Q'aeda to promote Islamofascist (no, really, she actually says this)

* Also, Hollywood's dirty commie pro-terror stance can be found in the fact that some advertising for the film doesn't feature the phrase "truth, justice & the American Way", and the fact that other advertising for the film DOES feature the phrase, plus huge American flags, just proves what hypocrites the people in showbiz are

* And to top it all off, Superman's cape is entirely too muted a shade of red, which illustrates the national malaise the media would like to convince us we are undergoing (no, really, she actually says this too)


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