Foot Foot don't live here no more

We've waited a long time, but finally, the 2006 Golden Wingnut Awards for excellence in right-wing blowhardery have been awarded by the Poor Man Institute, at a special ceremony hosted by congressional ejaculator Mark Foley. I urge you to investigate immediately, and for God's sake, whatever you do, do not miss the amazing remix of some of the year's top dipshits, spliced to the tune of the Shaggs' "My Pal Foot Foot". Essential viewing for a scary age.

In other kooky nut news, Cal Thomas still hates hippies (or, the sen has set on the peace movement); James Lileks also still hates hippies (check out the end, where he tells a story about an episode of Dragnet where two gopped-up stoners drown their baby, and is clearly on the side of Joe Friday) and engages in a form of mash-up that the rest of the country stopped doing around the time George W. Bush's father was elected; and Dennis "My Son Willingly Speaks to Coloreds" Prager notes that cheerleaders are dumb, but even they know that dictatorships are products of liberalism. "That is why, with the exception of Nazism...nearly all totalitarianism of the 20th century was on the Left."

When they came for the cheerleaders, I said nothing, because I was not a cheerleader. When they came for the glee club, I said nothing, because I was not in the glee club. When they came for the A/V squad, I said nothing, because I was not on the A/V squad. Then, when they came for the yearbook staff, there was no one left to speak for me...

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