And let me tell you how ELSE you screwed up!

Oh, boy, this is going to be good! Big Boy Jammies is sponsoring a conference on the collapse of Europe. I can't wait to hear about how the dark people have ruined everything, and with seminar titles like "Are Muslims exploiting the democratic process to erode and destroy European democracy?" and "To what extent have Europeans Given Up on Their Own Civilization?", I'm sure I won't have to.

The conference, which is being held in Malibu, CA instead of Europe (presumably because Europe is already too collapsed), promises to be chock full of the sort of awesome intellectual rigor we have come to expect from Big Boy Jammies. Best of all, of the 28 featured speakers, a whopping 7 of them are actually from Europe! Wow, that's some super credibility! I'm sure that if liberals held a conference on the decline of America, and it was held on the French Riviera, and only a quarter of the speakers were Americans, Pajamas Media would cover it glowingly, but for now, I'll see you in Malibu!


Nigel said...

Sponsored? As in "a bag of Cheetos for each attendee"?

Eryk said...

You have to attend this. I mean, you've friggin' got to attend this. Can we set up a collection fund, get donations to send you to this festival of awesomeness? Because, dude. You NEED to be there.

Nigel said...

Thought it highly unlikely Pajamas Media could sponsor anything that moved away from the all-you-can-eat table at Mr Gatti's -- it's the highly dubious sounding American Freedom Alliance, one of those wingnut welfare organizations we all adore.

Sounds a hoot though:

Closing Plenary : What steps can be taken in the United States to address the problems of Europe?
Keynote Speaker: Hugh Hewitt

Andy Axel said...

I'd just love to see our host squaring off with Dennis Prager at the autograph tables.