I hates the lay-teez

A Doug "NO GURLS ALOUD" Giles follow-up: in case you missed his previous blast about how God intends for you to raise your sons, I can give you a precis without your having to actually read the piece by simply excerpting some of the language:

"nancy-boy", "metrosexual", "feminized", "sissy", "dandy", "castrated", "Sally", "stemless", "effete", "poodle", "pantywaists", "tidy", "prissy".

This is what our "pusillanimous pomo" society will do to your boys if you don't take them out shark-hunting once in a while.

Interestingly, Doug reveals that he doesn't have any sons, but rather daughters -- or, as he puts it, "two alpha teen-aged females". Never one for armchair psychologizing, I'll refrain from any speculation about whether his hyper-macho demeanor is some sort of defense mechanism at his inability to produce a boy-child, but I will ask this: what message do you think a teenage girl gets from her father when he constantly refers to her gender in terms of being weak, marginalize, sissified, ineffectual, peurile, helpless, lame, feeble, submissive, and insubstantial? A PRETTY GOOD ONE I BET!

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