Clown College

Over at Town Hall, Mike S. Adams keeps raising the bar for stupid, this time by penning the whitest of white-guy critiques of Kanye West (who will apparently be performing at his college over Spring Break). Proving what a circumspect fellow is he, Adams waits until the end of the article to say "fo shizzle". Curiously, though, Adams, current regency chair of the Bitchdowne School and the most woman-hating of all the Town Hall misogynists, specifically attacks West for woman-hating; in fact, he mentions that his university had the gall to invite Kanye and Ludacris after two women were murdered on campus. I think the text he was going for was "how can you say the school is a safe place for women and then bring in two people who say 'bitch'?", but the subtext is pretty clear: "how can you say the school is a safe place for white women and then bring in these two savage negroes?"

Meanwhile, overworked Town Hall intern Daniel Son writes a piece about how 24 is totally awesome and wouldn't it be great if life was really like that? Strangely, the word 'torture' doesn't appear in his review, but it's fairly obvious that he's pining for the day that President Bush can put the coals to some treasonous raghead.

Finally, Atari enthusiast and professional offspring Jonah Goldberg, after mocking Helen Thomas, who "all but called President Bush a lying warmonger who invaded Iraq for no legitimate reason" (uh...what's the outrageous part of that accusation?), goes on to write a column in which every sentence containing the words "we know" is a lie, a distortion or a deliberate misstatement.

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