Blits and blobs

Victor Davis Hanson: I am no longer capable of writing anything that does not make reference to 300.

Jules Crittendon: If only we were brave enough to ignore Congress, we could be in an awesome war with Iran by now.

Dave Hinz: Sure, President Bush's policies may result in hundreds of thousands of dead people, millions in poverty, and millions more without health care or decent educations, but he is really a compassionate man, because he helped an old guy to his chair in front of cameras.

Jennifer Roback Morse: All that remains of feminism is a willingness to murder babies and falsely accuse men of rape.

Charles Johnson: Reporting the news is anti-American treachery.

Baron Bodissey: Lest you think we're only afraid of being wiped out by the vile Mahometans, we're also terrified of genocidal Mexicans.

Glenn Reynolds: My brother's rock combo recorded a chili commercial!

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L.S./M.F.T said...

Thanks be unto you, Mr. Leonard, for being braver than I, reading those horrible and in some cases neurologically damaging columns and op-ed pieces. I'm afraid of even letting my computer establish a link to The Coroner, Little Green Fucknobs, Clownhall or Instantpudding any more for fear of possible infection to either myself or my 'cowbox', Becky. We already bear the scars of one too many spins around the block with the K-Lo, DoughBob, David Frum Axis of Weasel for us to tread into those dark and humid recesses of Human thought ever again.

I preface my message thus because without explaining why, it seems to be a straightforward dyslexic or Spoonerismic episode without the accompanying baggage of daggers of the mind these wingnuts are capable of causing, if one isn't properly shielded. Take this for example:

Your last link in this post about instantpudding, I thought was from that Preteen Wisdom guy and it said:

"My brother's cock, 'Rambo', recorded a Chili's commercial."

Must.. Warn... Others!!!1!1!