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There are conservative pundits, and then there are conservative pundits. There are the oblivious, and then there are the truly delusional. There are schmucks, and then there are giant flaming uncleansed assholes. There is the rest of the world…and there is David Horowitz.

If I were paid for this blog based on the total number of completely asinine things said in the articles I link, this piece alone would buy me a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills, or possibly my own private island. Unfortunately, I don't get paid for this blog at all, so reading it only makes me stupider than I was before I started. While attacking one of our favorite "obscure blogs", the Dumbest Man in America does it like only he can. Only he possesses the level of pure, base-metal-to-gold shamelessness that distinguishes him from the rest of the half-wits of the punditocracy. It's really something to behold, on the level of watching Captain Queeg ranting and raving about his missing strawberries.

In the course of establishing that leftists portray their political opponents as wicked demons in human shape, Horowitz accuses leftists of being demons in human shape, "religious fanatics who believe they are going to change the world". While conservatives are "far too generous" and always willing to correct their mistakes, liberals "look on their political opponents as evil" and "think nothing of smearing and defaming them" in order to "eliminate them from any argument".

He goes on to say that George Soros' Campus Progress organization has a section "devoted to defamations of conservative speakers", and solemnly notes that "there is nothing comparable to this garbage on the conservative side of the spectrum". It's at this point that I blacked out from the sheer blinkered hypocrisy of it all, and was unable to read the rest of the article, where he calls Sacco & Vanzetti "justly executed terrorists".

Let me know how that turned out, won't you?

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