Once again, reality surpasses my ability to make things up

Sometimes, our beloved dingbats of the right will try to convince us all to hide under our desks from the evil of Islam based on the raging anti-Semitism to be found in Arab lands. Why, say the darkie-dashers, in some of these countries, the blood libel is leveled against Jews just as if it weren't total nonsense!

Luckily, that sort of nonsense never takes place here in the west, where we are entirely too rational and free of prejudice to fall for such nonsense.

(Thanks, as I say all too often around here, to Sadly, No!.)


Nigel said...

The original piece in the Catholic Herald that this all springs from seems to have vanished. Now there's a surprise. But that will only add to its authenticity in the eyes of true believers -- it must be true because it's being censored!

rone said...

Fortunately, Google's cache still has it.