He's been cheated, been mistreated. When will Glenn be loved?

Glenn Beck opines over the lonely life of a conservative white Christian male in America. Isolated, disenfranchised, oppressed, with no one to speak for him and no place to call his own, Glenn must somehow scrape by with only his millions of dollars, his nationally syndicated newspaper column, his popular television show, and his legions of fans.

How well he remembers -- but with such bitter bile in his throat! -- that brief and shining moment a couple of months ago, where people like him controlled big business, the culture industry, sports, entertainment, organized religion, law enforcement, the professions, academia, and all three of the branches of government. But then came the Great Disaster of '06, and now, conservative white Christian males just control two branches of government, plus all that other stuff. When will the suffering end? When will justice be done for his people? When, oh Lord, when?


skyline said...

At times like this, one can only hope Glenn finds solace in the words of the ol’ rich white Christian male spirituals.

“When Glenn Beck was in Egypt's land
(Let Glenn's people go!)
Oppressed so hard, he could not stand
(Let Glenn's people go!)
Go down
Glenn Beck!
Way down in Egypt's land
Tell ol' Nancy Pelosi
Let Glenn’s people go!”

Jack Feerick said...

Poor, poor white conservative guys. I'm so sad I can't stop laughing.

Pico said...

white conservatives are the rodney dangerfields of the world?