Dennis Prager: I weep for the lost greatness of Blighty

"What country do you love best? Your own country. I know you do. What is the character of the English? They are not very pleasant in company, because they do not like strangers, nor taking much trouble. They like best being at home, and this is right. They are too fond of money, as well as of good eating and drinking. They are often in low spirits, and are apt to grumble, and to wish they were richer than they are, and to speak against the rulers of the land. Yet they might be the happiest people in the world, for there is no country in which there are so many Bibles."


Nigel said...

That blighter Dennis has made the queen cry, the bounder. He deserves a dashed good thrashing, only no one in once-Great Britain has the courage to face up to such a big man. Boo hoo.

And cripes, old boy, have you seen the state of the comments? What an absolute shower! Imagine finding one of those in your mess tent.

Sincerely, Brigadier Hilda Sploffington-Crease (ret)

ezrael said...

"I weep for Britain, who actually managed to get their people out without starting a useless war."