So, I have written before about how the warbloggers seem to think of Muslims less as evil or misguided humans (like, say, the Nazis) than they do as infectious subhuman monsters (like, say, zombies), and appear to maintain the belief that any positive reference to them, any toleration of their existence within our society, any physical contact with them will cause you to become overwhelmed by the Dhimmi Contagion, and soon you will be eating brains, throwing your daughter on a pyre, and disallowing the consumption of pork in taxicabs.

We already know that if you are kidnapped by Islamic terrorists, and upon your release, you do not immediately vilify them as demons in human shape who raped you repeatedly and tried to eat your foot, the Keyboard Kommandoes will tear into you like the last slice of pizza, accusing you of being a lunatic, a terror sympathizer, and a dirty, dirty slut.

We also already know that if you are a U.S. official and you visit an "enemy" nation while wearing a hijab, the Keyboard Kommandoes will go predictably apeshit and accuse you of being a tool of global jihadiism. (If anyone points out what a non-issue this is, they will quickly change the subject and say it was really about something else, even if that something else proves to be equally full of shit.

We further know that if British sailors follow orders like any good member of the military is trained to do, the Keyboard Kommandoes will relinquish their long-vaunted support of the troops and start calling these brave military men cowards and traitors who should be imprisoned or at the very least horsewhipped and hung.

But have we really sunk so far that there are actually creeping couch-stains who will attack sailors and marines -- professional fighting men who sacrifice all for their country so that these bloviating shitbags can sit at home and surf porn -- for the Orwellian thoughtcrime of smiling upon their release from capture, thus displaying their lack of grim hatred of the Mahometan devil and their determination to boot his face whenever the opportunity arises? Are there in this great nation of ours people so intellectually and emotionaly degraded that they actually believe that allowing an expression of happiness to cross your face at the news you will soon be reunited with your loved ones is a serious sign of treachery and villainy, when you should be frowning at your inability to throw your life away for no reason resisting a country you aren't even at war with?

Yes. Yes, there are.

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