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The King of Clowns is going on a temporary hiatus. Those of you who live in the Seattle area might wish to attend the EMP Pop Conference this year, where I will be delivering a talk on two of my longtime obsessions, the Wu-Tang Clan and comic books. Details can be found here. I hope to resume regular coverage next week, and I'll update while there if at all possible.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a classic from a classic by the man from Fuddles, in which he:

- admonishes yet another incompetent sales clerk
- rattles on about his water installantion
- places another meaningless doohickey on his website
- complains about the poor selection at the crap chain stores at which he shops
- displays shock-horror at the fact that his daughter manifests possible awareness of a terror attack, despite the fact that he has spent the last six years writing fearful nonsense about how we must always be afraid of a city-obliterating Mahometan terror attack

Enjoy, and we'll see you soon!

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Doodle Bean said...

We'll miss you, Lenny!!