Butt Town

Dean Barnett, previously known for his bold accusations on Hugh Hewitt's blog that the liberal media are focusing on the 80% of Iraq that's engulfed in chaos and violence and totally ignoring the 20% that's relatively calm, is showing up at Town Hall lately as the newest recipient of Richard Mellon Scaife's savings account interest. And, as do most of the razor-keen minds in the Hall, he's got the left's number: we're so obssessed with whether or not Khalid Muhammed is telling the truth that we're ignoring the fact that the things he might be lying about are really super evil.

Elsewhere in Town, the Naughty Girl pens a piece entitled 'The Witch Hunt Against Gun Owners'. This witch hunt doesn't involve blackballing people from making a living, though, like the Michelle-Malkin-supported anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, or burning, strangling, pressing and stoning of innocent victims like the witch hunts of the 17th century: instead, this witch hunt involves the publication of freely available information, a practice which Michelle Malkin presumably opposes in all its forms.

Finally, the Medfly has finally cracked the code and figured out the bewildering appeal of liberalism: we persist in this crazy fantasy of helping the less fortunate, and there are a lot of losers out there. The left will remain a thorn in our side, crabs the Medfly, as long as people "long to embrace and exalt all those who claim to have suffered from hard luck or oppression: the homeless, single mothers, 'people of color,' homosexuals, AIDS patients, feminists, convicted criminals, Native Americans, atheists, immigrants". I'm glad he added that "claim to have suffered", aren't you? I mean, the last thing we need is homeless people, blacks, gays, women, Indians and people with fatal diseases going around saying that it's objectively true that they've had "hard luck". Get a grip, people!