Mark, those critics are just jealous!

Some variety of communist Scots-Germanic traitor named Johann Hari has impolitically pointed out that Mark Time's awesome new book about how the dusky hordes of Islam are going to outbreed decent white people shouldn't be trusted, for no better reason than pretty much every word of it is completely full of shit.

In support of his terror-supporting thesis, Hari cites Steyn's statistically unsupported claim that Muslims are 20 years away from a demographic assumption of European majority by pointing out that such demographic claims (such as the extremely common one around the turn of the 20th century that Chinese immigrants would soon outbreed whites in the U.S.) have turned out to be bunk, that any demographic predictions are inherently unstable beyond a decade or so, and that even if the population figures do shake down the way Steyn predicts, it's ridiculous to assume that every single European Muslim will be a hardcore Islamist, especially being born, as they will be, into liberal democracies. Well, that may be so, Mr. so-called Hari, but your "science" also teaches us that evolution and global warming are true, and we know that's just a bunch of crap! So much for you.

Hari goes on to point out a few of Steyn's past predictions:

- George W. Bush will win the 2000 election in a landslide (August 2000)
- Osama bin-Laden is dead (March 2002)
- There will be no widespread resistance to the occupation of Iraq (April 2003)
- The Iraqi insurgency will be over in two months (December in 2003)
- The invasion of Iraq is an unqualified success (March 2004)

What Hari doesn't understand, being a Scotsman, is that this is America! We believe in giving people second, third, fifteenth, and thirty-eighth chances. Just because Mark Steyn has been wrong about pretty much everything he's ever said in his career as a pundit doesn't mean we should stop listening to him; that's why George W. Bush is still president, because we want to give him the maximum amount of time to get something right!

"It is a startling indictment of the intellectual standards of the American right," concludes Hari in what I would call a must-read article if I were some sort of freedom-hating, terror-abetting leftist dirtbag, "that they have welcomed this Eurabian fiction with anything other than cheap, repulsed laughter." Oh, yeah, Mr. Johann von MacSmartGuy? If you're so great, how come you're not on the best seller list?

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Jack Feerick said...

I had literally just finished reading Hari's review before clicking over to CCS, thinking in the back of my head, "Leonard's gonna have a field day with this." As usual, you do not disappoint.

Hari's description of Steyn's book made me laugh so hard I threw up a little.