Sure, Al Gore is a nut, but where's the part about Michael Moore being fat?

Town Hall's Mary Katherine Ham (of HamNation fame) hams it up for the hamera in this ham-fisted attempt at humor. Displaying all the skills required from a gifted comic actress (standing next to things, pointing, giving a thumbs-up, smiling, and shrugging), Mary Kate has finally eclipsed Ashley. Look out, Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin -- there's a new right-wing Vanna White in town!


Rose said...

It's nice to know that in spite of the decades of hard work and research that has gone into global warming solutions, the Right will always have this rejoinder:


Nate P. said...

Or "Anne Bancroft had to cancel her global-warming expedition because of frostbite! Surely the Arctic wouldn't be cold in early March if global warming was real!"

Eddie C. said...

Hey, Leonard! This is Eddie from Salon Table Talk, Pancake Island, etc. Though I knew about LudicKid for years, I just discovered this blog! Very entertaining.