So it turns out he was kinda lucky!

Via Travis at Sadly, No!, the Nice Doggie decides that not enough distasteful things have been said about John Edwards lately. In the middle of about six hundred 'Edwards is a queer' slurs, we get this:

Lucky kid. We don’t know how you feel about those things, but we can’t hardly think of a worse fate than to grow up having to call that effeminate ambulance chaser “dad.”

The "lucky kid" reference is to Edwards' teenage son Wade, who was killed in a car wreck. The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler seems to think that any red-blooded American lad would much rather be dead than alive, if it means having a wealthy father that crazy right-wingers like to accuse of being a homo. Sounds right -- I mean, what teenage boy wouldn't want to die in a car wreck? -- but unfortunately, we can't ask Wade Edwards to confirm.

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Nigel said...

Wasn't it just last week that the Wingnuts were getting all huffy about how civil and decent they were compared to the sweary, mean folk on the left? I get so confused. Does this mean we've got to start calling George Bush "Chimpy McHitler" or else be accused of Political Correctness?