Who's going to rake my leaves?

Burt "I'm Not a Racist; I Just Want to Call Black People Niggers" Brelutsky on California's first annual Cesar Chavez Day celebration: aren't Mexicans lazy enough already, without giving them a whole special day to be lazy on? This is just like that phony "Labor Day" swindle, where we celebrate working-class people who actually do things by giving them the day off. I think they should have to work twice as hard!


Anonymous said...

Take a second look at the picture stuck on that article.

Jack Feerick said...

Ah, they all look alike.

Kuda Bux said...

Man, you can tell people's wi-fi connections are getting better and easier to use. The whiff of 'old man posting from the garage because the wife was tired of him being underfoot' was actually coming through the screen from Prelutsky's comment section. One used to have to travel to the local VFW to obtain access to such venerable witticisms.