NOW can I say she's a grotty horse-faced junkie? PLEASE?

Ann Coulter, who may or may not be a woman, cannot talk about John Edwards using the word 'faggot'.


ezrael said...

I gotta say, on the subject of the photoshopped picture of the asshole that led to this whole debate... man, that dude is hilarious without the sandwich. If this was the 1950's, he'd be the pervy uncle who lives in your grandparents' basement.

CS Lewis Jr. said...

Coulter begs to be loathed, and man it's so
Unfair that the cheap shots I love are banned
No doubt I am a bad person, but still
The C-word remains the sharpest rock at hand

Lesley said...

in a few years, with the right amount of concentrated hate in her system, she'll resemble the men she emulates and admires. like this guy. wadda catch!