That's MISTER Senior Administration Official to you

If there is one thing I can truly say for the Bush Administration, it is that it never loses its capacity to up the ante for craziness. After a while, you got sort of bored with the corruption and contempt shown by the Reagan people, but with Bush & Co., you might just wake up one morning and discover that the Secretary of the Treasury has called for the reinstitution of slavery or something. And somehow, it will all make sense, in the context of what has come before; you wouldn't even really be surprised.

That's why I was deeply satisfied to learn that Dick Cheney, in a gesture of pettiness heretofore unseen since the manslaughter trial of John Landis (when the director stuck his feet out in the aisle so that the prosecuture would have to climb over him), has demanded that the press no longer refer to him as the vice-president. Jeffrey Feldman refers to this development as "so bizarre it almost defies description", but I don't see it that way. Not even when Cheney, after ordering reporters to describe him only as an unidentified "senior administration official" and then referring to himself as the Vice-President, was I in the least bit surprised. Nor would I be surprised to wake up tomorrow morning and learn that George W. Bush would now like to be referred to as Emperor Americus I, "The Decider", and is requesting that all avert their eyes when he appears before them.

These guys are just that good.

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