Around the Corn

- Butt Propulsion Laboratories pats itself on the back for getting the Yale Daily News to pay attention to its asinine theory that a small downwards fluctuation in admissions is punishment by an outraged American public at the university having admitted a former Taliban member to a special program.

- The corner boys, who should have spent yesterday in quiet contemplation of what a jackass their leader Jonah Goldberg is, spent the whole day sniggering about ethnomusicologists. Hooty Hugh Hewitt has a pointless recap here, or you can read the whole thing, which comes off as a bunch of frat boys playing smear-the-queer, over here.

- The Naughty Girl snatches victory from the jaws of defeat: having failed to get Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan fired from the Edwards campaign, she claims that keeping them on is a win, because "the best way to fight the nutroots is to raise their level of exposure. Edwards helped do that." One expects, then, that Malkin's site will start carrying front-page adds for Daily Kos and Eschaton any day now.

- Likewise, as the Sadly, No! gang hint at, the vapor brigade are doing a lot of pissing and moaning at the continued employment of a woman who made some snotty remarks about Christianity considering that basically all they do all day is make fun of Islam, slander and defame the very foundation of the Muslim religion, and call anyone who objects a whining crybaby. You can go right now and look at the front page of a dozen blowhard websites, from Crazy Pammy to Little Green Footballs to Gates of Vienna, and see things said about Islam a hundred times more intolerant and inflammatory than anything Amanda Marcotte every typed. Is Malkin going to do after Ann Coulter next? Is Allahpundit going to set his sights on Debbie Schlussel next? Because that would be great! I can use all the help I can get.

- Norbiz is able to make the Iraq fraud scandal a lot funnier than I can.

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