Early mornin' Jew-hatin'

Normally, I eschew simple links to poli-bloggers more popular than myself (i.e., all of them), because it feels too much like whoring, which I already do too much of at my day job as a prostitute. I prefer to provide original content, because, well, I'm just so fucking funny.

But no amount of my funny can compete with this post from the Poor Man, where he is attacked as a deranged anti-Semite by "What Would Charles Martel Do?"*, one of the less noticeable Exterminate-the-Brutes blogs. You really must take a look at how this unhinged, self-impressed Warhammer enthusiast goes sickhouse on one of my fellow jolly jokesters, accusing him of Alfred-Rosenberg-style Jew-hatred while claiming that his own hysterical fear of and revulsion towards Muslims is in fact "making a stand FOR TOLERANCE".

Oh, and speaking of making a stand for tolerance, what if I were to tell you that Chuckles Johnson is so blinded by his hatred of Arabs that he can't understand the most obvious sarcasm in political cartoons and completely misses who's being mocked in a one-panel strip that a dull eleven-year-old would be able to understand? You'd believe it? Me too.

*: Probably say something like "Aieeee! Giant metal bug!", or stare blankly at a Coca-Cola billboard, or cry when someone made fun of how his father was named "Pippin the Middle", or something. Maybe get a Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger, I dunno.


Kuda B. said...

The poster (now claiming to be an Ionian Greek maiden, and boy howdy, how much of an ethnic parser do you have to be to specify Ionian) turns up with much protestation at the incivility with which her mild musings have been greeted. Guys, she ADMIRES ATTATURK. No racist, she!


Nuts, I should have checked the comments. She's no racist at all! She just likes to accuse others of same. However, as evidenced by her claim that Charles Johnson is not a profoundly racist nutjob and Pam Oshry is a "nice lady", she seems to be deeply confused, at any rate.

kuda b. said...

It's a classic feint, the ole throwing a stink bomb across the transom and then acting all shocked when you cross the threshold to encounter a roomful of angry folks coughing and sputtering. "Guys, why the hostility? You only prove my point, which is that you are uncivil, sniff." Never mind that was so not the original point.

Pere Ubu said...

I'm still wondering who Charles Martel is, and why I should care.

verification word: "ncquatn", the new drug you should really, really ask your doctor about.

USpace said...

Very interesting, hating those who hate you is just wrong, just submit...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves

respect other cultures
trying to destroy yours

Pim's Ghost said...

Aww, thanks Pierce! I only recently learned of your kind post about me. And yes, I do accuse many of racism, including many on the left as well as right (though I see these distinctions as outmoded, personally, and held on to thanks to the rhetoric of those who want to stay in office).

You see, it's a bit easier to see the inherent racism in others when you are not white. I have posted a picture of myself on my blog in a recent post. You'll see what I mean.

When I see people on any side of the equation cease sexist attacks on women who share different opinions (such as Pamela Geller) or come to the defense of many of the gay Muslim friends I have who are regularly attacked by more 'conservative' members of their own faith, I'll maybe regain my faith in humans in general. We, as a nation, do owe moderate (or even non-observant) Muslims (IMHO) protection from the persecution they faced abroad. Many from Iran face these attacks here in the U.S.

As for the article you mention, I was very angry at the time. I had just discovered these blogs which attack other bloggers, Pamela's mother had just passed away (though she did not reveal it on her blog at that time), and yet I found these attacks on her. Knowing what she was going through, I just wanted to hit back for her, even though she really ignores this crap (much to her credit).

I tried, attack after attack, to show that I am reasonable, yet those PoFolk commenters just twisted my words to make me seem otherwise. It was interesting to see, however, that I have the tolerance and forgiveness regarding the Turkish people that they apparently lack.

Until people like you see reason, I guess I'll just keep making "flying while brown" jokes with a gay Muslim friend I have from Iran.