The Shit

By giving this post that title, I have proven Dean Barnett's point, which is that liberal bloggers are a bunch of potty-mouths.

The top-rated conservative blogs are Instapundit, Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Captain’s Quarters, Hot Air and our own humble little Hugh Hewitt site. All of these sites eschew a “vivid vocabulary.” I bet you could read all of us for a week and not find a single naughty word on any of our sites.

Yes, indeed! You might find a whole bunch of crazy racism, sexism, and homophobia; you'll almost certainly find totally baseless accusations of anti-Semitism and claims that anyone who votes Democrat is objectively pro-terror; and you more than likely will hear calls for genocide against dark-skinned middle-easterners. There'll probably also be a defense of building concentration camps, a call for poor people to quit whining and get a job, and a comparison of someone who wants to give underpriveleged citizens health care to Joseph Stalin. There is a 100% likelihood that you will read someone typing with one hand about the future destruction by terror nuke of a minor American city and how that will be all the fault of the liberals*.

But you won't see any swearing! Well, unless you read the comments sections, where it takes about three seconds for someone to call Nancy Pelosi a cunt.

*: By the way, surely I'm not the only one who's noticed that conservatives come all over themselves at the thought of getting to blame liberals for the imaginary destruction of a theoretical American city by nonexistent terrorists, but that their reaction to the actual destruction of an actual American city has been muted at best? New Orleans is still a disaster area, but I can't remember the last time a conservative blogger said anything about it, or called for someone to be held responsible, or demanded that it not happen again, or did anything other than bitch about looters and the alleged crime rate upswing in cities with a lot of Katrina evacuees. By their works, etc.

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Pere Ubu said...

I guess Ol' Jimmy Lileks is a lefty then.

Oh, but he doesn't use naughty words ALL THE TIME! Only when they're really really necessary, I guess, like when he's berating an Iraqi for being insufficently grateful we invaded and occupied their country.

(of course, I wonder how often Jimmy Neutron there thinks at all about the Iraqis these days)

Verification word: "halbd" -- isn't that thet bread that those Islamooninite fascists eat?