It's a hilariocaust!

Dennis "My Son's Black Friend Has a White Friend Whose Father is a Jew" Prager has some stern words today for Ellen Goodman and George Soros.

Goodman (whose father was a Holocaust survivor, but will never be as great a Jew as Dennis Prager, who has written a bunch of columns about how Jews are better than anyone else except Christians) was impolitic enough to say in a recent column that " global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers". What she meant, of course, is that to deny the existence of global warming is comparable -- indeed, even worse -- than denying the existence of the Holocaust, because of the massive weight of evidence to support both events. But Prager being Prager, he turns it into a sterling example of the moral midgetry of liberals and the covert anti-Semitism of everyone who disagrees with him, even if they are Jews.

With a few exceptions, those on the Left tend to view their ideological adversaries as bad people, i.e., people with bad intentions, while those on the Right tend to view their adversaries as wrong, perhaps even dangerous, but not usually as bad.

Well, who can argue with that? I can't remember the last time a right-winger portrayed their political enemies as bad people. It can't possibly have happened more than, say, five hundred kerjillion times in the last month and a half. Hey, Dennis: seeing as your reputation is inexplicably that of a moderate intellectual, try not to lead off your column by saying something that is contradicted by 80% of the content of the site on which it appears, including the comments section of your own post.

The belief that opponents of the Left are morally similar to Nazis was expressed recently by another prominent person of the Left, George Soros, the billionaire who bankrolls many leftist projects. At the World Economic Forum in Davos last month, Soros called on America to "de-Nazify" just as Germany did after the Holocaust and World War II. For Soros, America in Iraq is like the Nazis in Poland.

Of course, what would Soros know about the signs of encroaching distatorship? He was just in a Nazi concentration camp and a Soviet prison camp. It's not like he's on the front lines of terror the way brave heroes like Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt are.

Third, the equation of global warming denial to Holocaust denial trivializes Holocaust denial. If questioning global warming is on "a par" with questioning the Holocaust, how bad can questioning the Holocaust really be?

Well, of course! It's not that they want to point out that there's something pathological about denying things for which there is so much evidence. It's not that they want to alert us to an approaching environmental catastrophe that might well have far worse repercussions than the Holocaust; it's that they want to trivialize the death of millions! Even the ones who were their relatives! If they truly cared about the legions of Jewish dead, they would never complain about anything ever again. Shut up and don't worry, that's the ticket -- after all, it worked so well in Germany in the 1930s.

Just imagine if, for example, an equally prominent Christian figure had written that denying America is a Christian country is on a par with denying the Holocaust. It would have been front-page news in the mainstream media, the individual would have been excoriated by just about every major liberal individual and group, and the ADL would have cited this as an example of burgeoning Christian anti-Semitism and Holocaust trivialization.

Boy, it sure would have! Lucky for us this didn't happen, and that saying that America is a Christian nation isn't even remotely the same as saying that there's global warming!

Finally, the Ellen Goodman quote is only the beginning of what is already becoming one of the largest campaigns of vilification of decent people in history -- the global condemnation of anyone who questions global warming

Why...it's almost like a second Holocaust, the way these people are being treated!

It would not be surprising that soon, in Europe, global warming deniers will be treated as Holocaust deniers and prosecuted. Just watch. That is far more likely than the oceans rising by 20 feet. Or even 10. Or even three.

How likely is it that, 20 years from now, when the effects of global warming are even more apparent than they already are and global warming deniers, while not prosecuted, are widely mocked for their asinine beliefs, we all get to punch Dennis Prager right in the nuts? Not very.

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