Space-Stalin attacks!

In the "things I am going to start worrying about the minute every other problem in the world is completely resolved" department, Professor Poopypants draws our attention to the growing menace of "a vast socialist empire in space". I'm pretty sure that we need to focus on establishing individual property rights on the moon just about as much as we need to focus on establishing proper voting rights for tigers.


Pere Ubu said...

Holy crap - they're STILL fretting about the 1967 Moon Treaty?

This was a REAL big thing back in 1980 or so in the pages of "Future" magazine (published by the guys who created "Starlog"), right up there with the editor's breathless anticipation of the supposedly-forthcoming "Atlas Shrugged" movie.

I'm still not quite sure how the lack of privitization of space resources is going to cripple us, much less how we're going to assemble the means necessary to GET those resources in the first place when there are so much more important things to spend money on - like Iraq. (snark) (May I just point out that, adjusted for inflation, we're spending about as much on the Iraq clusterfuck in 4 months as we spent on the Apollo missions?)

Anonymous said...

terminal. diet coke. spray.

i am laughing and crying.

your blog is great.