Junk-in-the-trunk science

On the topic of global warming, you have to admit, the conservatives are just fighting the good fight for truth in science, the same way they do with creationism "Intelligent Design". All they want are the facts, verifiable and testable; they have no other reason to oppose this crazy left-wing cult called "global warming". And if you think they do -- if you're one of those small, suspicious people who suppose there might be an ulterior motive behind their noble opposition to this so-called "scientific fact" that is allegedly "unquestionable true" according to a bunch of self-appointed "researchers" and "experts in their fields" -- well, then, I just feel sorry for you.

(Courtesy the Poor Man, who, in an excellent post on the subject of global warming denial, notes that this ain't the first time Exxon-Mobil has tried the pay-for-play approach.)


YourUncleHank said...

I and many of my "conservative" friends take a different view of this question. It is obvious that there is Global Warming. The question is really, are we the cause. It is impossible to deny that the Earth has gone through many climate changes over the eons, hence the various Ice Age's. It has managed to do this for the most part without the help of mankind. I've yet to hear any evidence that this period of warming is any different than those previous fluctuation in climate.
Rather than put our efforts in trying to stop this natural phenomenon, we need to put them into making changes in the way we live to adjust to the changes. Pretty much like our ancestors did when things started warming up after the last Ice Age. For instance, we need to look at changing our agricultural practices, if it becomes necessary. Maybe we can have fine Canadian wines.
Trying to stop Global Warming is a little like trying to stop a snow storm. Instead, lets just put on a heavy coat and learn to ski. I realise that this is a childish analogy, but that is pretty much what I think of people who want to halt global warming.


I've yet to hear any evidence that this period of warming is any different than those previous fluctuation in climate.

How about the IPCC report? It's gone from a "likely" certainty (66% likely) to a "very likely" certainty (90% likely) that human activity is at fault for recent climate change; the majority of scientists were pushing for "virtually certain" (99% likely), but that claim was quashed under pressure from China.

It's pretty unambiguous. And while you're probably right that it can't be stopped, we can at least do what we have to do to not make it any worse.