Put it in my tight little hate-hole

A few days back, Dean Barnett on Hooty Hoo's blog noted that, in marked contrast to conservative bloggers, leading liberal talking heads were a bunch of dirty potty mouths. "I bet you could read all of us for a week," said the Dean, "and not find a single naughty word on any of our sites."

Well, surely the Dean didn't think I was going to let him slide on that without a little fact-checking. I decided to comb through a week worth of posts at the cited sites, and I was appalled at what I found: these so-called morally upstanding right-wing pundits are wallowing in a cesspool of filth, depravity and racy language. Just look:

PROFESSOR POOPYPANTS: "ball" (thrice), "sucks" (thrice), "sexual" (thrice), "sex", "pork", "guzzling", "dick", "dog doo", "Ann Althouse".

NAUGHTY GIRL: "hot" (innumerable times), "bottom", "oopsie-doopsie", "damnable" (twice), "embeddable", "yanked", "super-sized", "nuts", "Ann Althouse".

KILLING AN ARAB: "outrageous", "unbelievable", "smear-job", "disgraceful", "distorted", "murderers", "genocide", "truly evil", "repellent", "fraudulent", "just plain evil", "sick". "creepy", "offensive", "disgusting", "hate-hole", "twisted", "freaks", "tainted", "horrifying", "ghoulish", "bloodstained", "appalling".*

YO OLDE BLOWHARDE: "coming" (twice), "rocky", "draining the swamp", "diktat", "Shi'ite", "leeway", "bones", "tucchus", "bits", "lip-biting", "Phillipe Douste-Blazy".

HOOTY HOO: "secret weapon", "satisfied customer", "blunt talk", "fumblerooski", "walk back the cat", "erecting a strawman", "quarantinig [sic] its staff".


*: That's just from the last three days! And, in the comments section of just his most recent post, I got "asshole", "crap", "fucking" (twice), "asswipe", "shitheads", "pussy", "fuckhead", "reamed their holes", and several threats to attack a young female music critic of Arab descent with a hammer and a fire hose. But hey, that's not his fault! We all know that you can't blame an entire movement for what a few of its more extreme adherents might say, right?


Patches said...

Armadillo is the DIRTIEST thing ever. If I only knew what it meant.

Anonymous said...

You must be a huge prude if you consider the following obscene:
"outrageous", "unbelievable", "smear-job", "disgraceful", "distorted", "murderers", "genocide", "truly evil", "repellent", "fraudulent", "just plain evil", "sick". "creepy", "offensive", "disgusting", "hate-hole", "twisted", "freaks", "tainted", "horrifying", "ghoulish", "bloodstained", "appalling".*

Which one of the above word is "potty-mouth?"