Liberals, you so CRAZY!

Over at Clown Hall, the weekend usually means two days of rest while the mack daddies of the right gather their nuts and let George Will do the heavy lifting. But I guess they got bored waiting for the Super Bowl to start, so Sunday was a very productive day at the dingbat clearinghouse.

First off, we get raving testicrat Doug Giles complaining that conservatives aren't funny enough, leaving the left to win the comedy wars. I agree, although we differ on the reasons (he thinks, for example, that conservative comics aren't funny because they're straitjacketed by political correctness, whereas I think it's because they're not capable of being funny), but it's a good read anyway, especially for the parts where Doug tries to be funny himself, and the part where he cites the lately unfunny Dennis Miller, the always unfunny Brad Stine, and the unfunny-going-back-several-lifetimes Julie Gorin as the only funny conservatives.

Next, hilariously self-described "Musclehead Revolutionary"Kevin McCullough engages in another of the American-city-obliterated-by-terror-nukes fantasies the right is so fond of, which I discuss in more detail here.

But the best of all is Lyle H. Rossiter, MD, a Town Hall newcomer and ex-Army shrink who declaims on a currently fashionable theme on the ring-a-ding right: that liberals are the way they are because of childhood trauma and/or mental illness. As evidence, Doc Rossiter offers the following lunatic delusions that are actually believed by insane leftists:

A very large portion of the population is suffering; they are suffering because they are deprived, neglected, exploited or abused.

They are suffering because of certain injustices inflicted upon them.

Bad people, such as capitalists and the rich, cause the victims to suffer by depriving, neglecting, exploiting and abusing them.

These bad people are villains who must be stopped from preying on their victims.

The people are innocent victims; they have no important role in causing their suffering.

Some of the suffering of the victims comes from too little social freedom and too many restrictions on behavior in social situations.

The libertarian structure of ordered liberty grounded in basic property and contract rights allows the villains to exploit the victims.

HA HA! Can you believe there are actually people crazy enough to swallow that insane bullshit? "People are suffering from neglect, abuse and exploitation?" WHATEVER, NAPOLEON, SAY HELLO TO SANTA CLAUS AND HARVEY THE GIANT RABBIT FOR ME


Jack Feerick said...

Soon as I saw that Giles piece (via Salon's Blog Report), I had a feeling you'd be swinging your righteous axe of fury; and you do not disappoint.

Dr. Rossiter's diagnosis is the living end, though. I mean, who needs a twenty -year long, peer-reviewed study showing that whiny, insecure children tend to be attracted to authoritarian conservative power structures when you can just rehash unattributed generalizations—and do a character-assassination job on your ideological opponents at the same time?

Seriously, how easy is it to be a conservative pundit? As far as I can see, there are no practical, competence-based qualifications whatsoever.

Kylie said...

"People are suffering from neglect, abuse and exploitation?" WHATEVER, NAPOLEON, SAY HELLO TO SANTA CLAUS AND HARVEY THE GIANT RABBIT FOR ME"

OH SHIT. Excuse me, I gotta update my resume, my job just ceased to exist. It's such a relief to know that the dozens and dozens of reports of neglect, abuse, and exploitation of children (and, peripherally, of adults) that I personally take each day are all imaginary, though!