Thank God that's over with

After his terrifying brush with the unpleasant General Odom, who failed to appreciate his position on the front lines of terror, Hooty Hoo makes a stunning recovery by sitting down with Milosevic enthusiast Mark Time, who isn't going to do anything crazy like disagree with him or challenge his basic assumptions.

In case you don't have time to read the whole transcript, here's a précis:

HUGH HEWITT: Can you believe that general guy? He didn't know anything about the 12th Imam.

MARK STEYN: It's as if he thinks the lunatic opinions of a handful of religious fanatics are of marginal importance to our foreign policy and international strategic goals!

HUGH HEWITT: He didn't even know who Sayed Qutub was. I have to question his very competence to carry on an adult conversation if he can't identify a man who's been dead for forty years and might have been an influence on the nutty ideas of Osama bin-Laden. That would be like trying to fight the Nazis in WII without having read the complete works of the Comte de Gobineau!

MARK STEYN: How dare he try and make suggestions for global policy that are not contingent on hysterical fretting over obscure Islamist theology!

HUGH HEWITT: Clearly, he is just an ignorant Lieutenant-General in the US Army who was head of military intelligence, a former director of the National Security Agency, and a veteran of three foreign wars, and he lacks the kind of knowledge and insight that you, a Canadian former disc jockey and expert on musical theatre, and I, a prominent blogger and former overseer of the Nixon Museum, possess.

MARK STEYN: Well, that bad man is gone now, Hugh, and I'm here. Can we go back to talking about how the only way to stop the Islamist menace is through calculated genocide?

HUGH HEWITT: We sure can, Mark. We sure can.

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