If you can't stand the heat, stop pouring on the gasoline

Things are getting ugly this week in the right-wing buggosphere. One of my favorite loopy bloggers, The Anchoress, is close to calling it quits; the Flower of Christian Womanhood simply cannot take all the ugly, small little people who make fun of her for saying things like 'global warming is a myth', and she's retreated back behind her parapets to spend the rest of her days in quiet contemplation of the grace of our Savior, and also YouTube videos. Silent Running has become so unhinged by Hitlery and her fellow "Kleptocrats" that he has started posting things that appear to have been badly Systranned from the original Klingon. The Naughty Girl has been reduced to quoting doggerel ("Want to slam our soldiers, Arkin?/Well here is one to slam./I got used to Lefty slamming/When I came back from Vietnam." BRILLIANT!) The Gray Man has been driven from the internet by the actions of a football-playing cartoon alligator. And even Hugh Hewitt's flunkies are still too hung up on the Aqua Teen Terror Force thing to realize they've been made chumps of.

Luckily, there's always Crazy Pammy.

She's got a blockbuster today: Musselmen are being arrested en masse in the US of A, for crimes ranging from buying explosives and land mines to playing paintball in a sinister fashion, but we haven't heard about it, because law enforcement agencies have been "purposely downplaying and in some cases lying outright to the public" about it. "We have been told what to say, and more important, what not to say", quotes Crazy Pammy just as if she weren't making it all up, and the "big boys in Washington DC" are "killing morale" with this "politically correct shit".

Naturally, Crazy Pammy can't identify her source ("whose father was an agent during the 1960s racial problems"), but she assures us that it is true, and the word of a raving Long Island racist alcoholic is good enough for me! Prepare for blood-drinking darkies to fire rocket launchers at our childrens' school buses any da now, but don't expect to hear about it from the cowardly MSM. Crazy Pammy is your only pipeline to truthiness!

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