What the people who are better at this than me have been up to

1. Sadly, No! has the cast-iron stomach required to keep up with Bill Kristol. Big Daddy Neo-Con is thrown into a tizzy by Barack Obama's presidential bid (as, apparently, are most Democrats, who prefer to lose the election with a pretty lady than a scary Negro), but rather than seizing the juicy cokehead story, allowing him to kickstart the inevitable "Obama is a Crip who will gun down your baby for money to buy a new crackpipe" campaign that will debut in eight southern states around November 3rd, he chooses to focus on the surprising claim that, were he alive during the Civil War, Barack Obama would have been pro-slavery. I would think that if he had been alive during the Civil War, Barack Obama would have been an actual slave, and thus likely anti-slavery, but what do I know? If I was smart, I would have founded the Weekly Standard.

2. TBogg gives us plenty to chew on about the Minutemen -- not the good ones, who wrote "I Felt Like a Gringo", but the bad ones, the actual gringos who heroically defend our borders against impoverished Mexican terrorists. Apparently, one of their largest chapters is having internal strife, and can't seem to shake it no matter how many times their founder calls people "lying commie bitch" or "Korean anorexic slut". Who cries for our heroes?

3. The Poor Man stuns us with the revelation that not only is Head Gasbag In Charge Rush Limbaugh still alive, but he's still hung up on what color our quarterbacks are. He rushes to the defense of Rex Grossman, who apparently doesn't suck but is merely the victim of the racial discrimination so commonly used against white people. Rush thus sheds the totally baseless accusation that he's only concerned when black athletes are undeservingly promoted by the liberal sports media*; clearly, he is also concerned when white athletes are undeservingly criticized by the liberal sports media.


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