Muslims fail at life!

So says Baron Blitzkrieg over at Gates of Vienna, a.k.a. the SCA Sword Practice That Walks Like a Blog. Earlier in the week, Baron Winter put down his flagon and turkey leg to compile a scientific checklist that would prove once and for all whether or not Muslims are evil. I think you'll be surprised at the results!

A lot of rhetoric on the topic of Islam ricochets around the blogosphere and in the media every day. Islam is a deadly danger and must be eradicated on the one hand. Muslims are victims of persecution by Islamophobes on the other hand. Assertions such as these are uncheckable and irrefutable, since they are based solely on ideology.

See, contrary to all appearances, Baron Mordo is not just some Islamophobic jackoff on the internet, whipping himself into a frenzy of impotence over his hatred of the dark people and their bloodthirsty moon god! No, he is, like his namesake Baron Zemo, a scientist, and using the highly scientific method of making a checklist and annotating it using MS Paint, he has determined the following empirical facts once and for all:

- "We" are involved in a religious war with Islam.
- There is no discrimination against Muslims in the west.
- Islam is intolerant and wicked.
- Islam is not a religion, but a political ideology. (This would seem to contradict point #1, but this is SCIENCE, people.)
- Fighting terror in Iraq doesn't meant that the dusky hordes won't still attack America.
- Islam is an expansionist aggressor who wants to reclaim half of Europe.
- Not all Muslims are radical Islamists, though they may as well be because so many of of them fail to condemn terrorism.
- It is impossible to say if Islam can be "reformed", though it probably can't.

However, the most important question -- does hope lie with moderate Muslims? -- is "Yes,if we can convince them to abandon Islam altogether and become atheists or Christians!" What a humanitarian! You can tell Baron Blood isn't consumed with prejudice like so many right-wing bloggers. I urge you to use his tip cup to reward him for his brilliant writing (like this windy slog through the most famous line from The Usual Suspects), so he can afford to buy his lady fair a new corset.

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