The pursuit of happiness

A new opinion poll demonstrates how completely "Old Europe" is brainwashed by years of leftist multicultural propaganda. An astonishing 87% of Europeans consider themselves happy, with only Bulgaria -- part of "New Old Europe" and thus semi-aware of their continent's precarious position at the knife-edge of Islamoterrorfascism -- rating themselves as mildly unhappy.

Most incomprehensible of all, 97% of the stalwart Danes rate themselves as happy! For goodness sake, aren't these people reading The Darkies Are Coming? Their very existence is under attack by the dusky hordes! Why, just today, we learn of the Fritter Folk, a praiseworthy and probably-not-at-all white supremacist neo-Nazi organization in Denmark which is bravely giving speeches in front of heroic statues -- speeches which take a bold stand against the gang rapes, baby mutilations, and the inability of kindergarteners to eat pork livers!

WAKE UP, vast majority of Danish citizens! According to this ridiculous, and probably liberally biased, poll, you're more worried about petty nonsense like unemployment, the rising cost of living, and whether or not your hard-earned pensions will disappear than truly important issues like banning the Q'uran! If only you read more crazy right-wing blogs, you wouldn't be "happy", or, as I like to call it, "hurtling head-first towards inevitable cultural suicide".

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USpace said...

Cool angle, actually the Danes are doing the most in Europe to protect their country, it is their country after all. Maybe that's one reason they are happy.

absurd thought-
God of the Universe says
destroy freedom of speech

raise students to be fascists