Even in India, they know these guys are assholes

Group Portrait with Rabies: Mukul Kesavan, a columnist for the Calcutta Telegraph, reads Christopher Hitchen's glowing review of Mark Time's new book, and detects in it a gleeful naughtiness, an adolescent's joy at saying something shocking. When Hitch gives a thumbs up to slaughtering those undesirable demographics you cannot outbreed, argues the author, you may think you're just playing to the South Park conservative crowd, the folks who think you're being delightfully un-P.C., but what you're really doing is making room at the table for the worst elements of your ideology. India is a country that knows a bit about real, honest-to-goodness fascism -- there's more than a few fascist parties with sitting members of parliament -- and the opinions of their observers should be given a tad more weight than those of an expat Orwell-stroker and a Canadian gloomsayer. Give it a ride...

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