Slaying the Pandagon

Hmmmm, let's see. Largest federal budget deficit in American history? Nope, that's still there.

Disastrous, go-nowhere war in Iraq that managed to make a bad situation even worse for all parties involved? That's still goin' on.

Near-total destruction of a major American city through compounded human error? Already done, so we can move on to totally botching the reconstruction.

Shameless war profiteering and fraud amounting to the biggest financial scandal in U.S. history? Nope, nothing really being done there.

Systematic winnowing away of Constitutional rights under the guise of protecting us from largely nonexistent threats? No progress on halting that.

Continued income disparities between rich and poor exacerbated by a tax system that flagrantly favors the very wealthy? I don't think we wanna speak out against that.

But mau-mauing the press into forcing the resignation of an aide to an opposition political candidate for the crime of having personal opinions? Mission a-fucking-ccomplished!

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