They make a good point off the top of their heads

The boys over at Butt Propulsion Laboratories have really been knocking them out of the park lately. Today, they note a piece in the Yale Daily News that applications to Mr. President Man's legacied alma mater have fallen by 10% this year -- a fact the Butt Propellors attribute to, of all things, the presence in the student body of a former member of the Taliban.

Well, sort of:

No one proposes that last year's bombshell -- the news that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former deputy foreign secretary of the Taliban, is now a student at Yale -- has anything to do with the drop in applications, or draws the inference that there might be a reaction to Yale's administration being a tad out of touch. But it is at least as plausible as some of the other hypotheses on offer in the YDN article.

You see, THEY'RE not saying that this filthy Islamofascist darkie is to blame for the falling admissions, goodness no! They're just saying that it's as plausible as any of the other factors cited in the article.

Those factors, for the record, are:

- The introduction of an 'early action program' that led to an unusual amount of preapplications

- A low acceptance rate last year, due to Yale's highly selective admission criteria

- Normal statistical fluctuation (last year featured a record high number of applicants)

Those reasons are TOTALLY CRAZY! You can see how blaming it all on the presence of a demon-worshiping towelhead is JUST AS PLAUSIBLE as any of that.

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feisty_robot said...

s a Yale alum, I've been hearing about this non-issue (Hashemi's attendance) for over a year now. Two important things that I'm sure the powerline dudes just accidentally forgot to fact-check:

1) He was never enrolled as a student, but rather attended in a special program that did not give gen-u-wine "Yale" degrees.
2) He's not there any more.

So, uh, yeah! It's totally the islamofascists' fault that Yale had a slightly less absurd rejection rate this year! Boola boola!